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New Album Release - Artist Seeking Management

Dreams & Drugs Album Cover (12x12_ Front

About: Brent Brown

Hailing from Naperville, Il.

Brent is a 31 year old jack of all traits and full time musician since 2013.

From his humble beginnings in 2007, Brent picked up a guitar and started singing. His driving force was an inner voice that could put melody to words, and words to music.

It was important for Brent to figure out how to record. Paying a bunch of money, then having to wait forever to save up for another project seemed ridiculous in the age of streaming and mini super-computers.

Although Brent worked with veteran producers Joe Dilillo and Chris Steinmetz; After 'Vision' and 'For Play' he took back up the studio reins.

For Brent, it's always been a labor of love that will keep blossoming with every success and failure.

Message to Management:

The performance rig depicted in these videos is a brand new production I have put together. The goal is to sound like a band without seeming like I'm just hitting play. The video on stage was the first time I've play out with this particular rig as I plan to transition to a bigger and more produced sound.

I'm seeking opportunities to bring my new style of original performance to a larger audience. 

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