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Why book Brent Brown?

To bring value to your event or gathering!

In high school I worked for a DJ company called Sounds Abound Entertainment and learn how to use a mic and be professional at gigs.

Now as a full time musician of 9 yrs, I've made most of my money on the cover gig scene. I feel lucky to be able to entertain built in crowds by reading the room and working to keep butts in seats (Order another drink).

I also play private events/weddings, original venues, and festivals. 

My goal is providing one of the best solo performances Chicago has to offer.

If I can't play a show, feel free to ask for a recommendation!

*I run top of the line QSC k10.2 speakers, and all of my own high end gear.

*Liability insurance up to $500,000.

*Gigs posted on facebook and website (Only Public Gigs)

*I believe that smiling is a choice, and so I always bring the most positivity I can afford to the places I perform.

List of Songs Brent Can Play

Acoustic + Harmonica

Live Looping

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Brent Brown Music
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