Hailing from Naperville, Il.

Brent Brown is a 31 year old jack of all trades.

From his humble beginnings in 2007, Brent picked up a guitar and started singing. His driving force was an inner voice that could put melody to words, and words to music.

It was important for Brent to figure out how to record. Paying a bunch of money, then having to wait forever to save up for another project seemed ridiculous in the age of streaming and mini super computers.

To be taken seriously, Brent has worked with veteran producers Joe Dilillo and Chris Steinmetz. However, following these projects Brent took back up the studio reins.

In order to fund his musical expansion, BB has been a full-time musician playing mostly cover songs. This service is still provided! Just send him a message.

For Brent, it's always been a labor of love that keeps blossoming into it's purest form.

"It's hard to believe music has been working out since I started playing at 18, and I want to thank you immensely for sticking with me as I grow<3"